Irish Cream strain
Irish Cream strain

Irish Cream Strain

Irish Cream Strain. Bailey’s has made a name for itself as the premiere name in coffee-and-cream flavored intoxicants. Now, an indica stands to claim that title. Irish Cream was created by Mighty Irish Seeds, a group of breeders based in Ireland, a somewhat less common home base for cannabis cultivation. The strain is a back-cross of the company’s signature strain, Mighty Irish Hope. Besides a standout flavor, this bud offers a heavy, stony high that’s potent for newbies and veterans alike. Irish Cream’s THC content has been measured at between 14% and 20%.

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Irish Cream impresses off the bat with medium to large buds. The flowers range in shape from roughly conical to almost spherical and, true to their indica lineage, adhere in a dense, solid bud structure. Irish Cream is also notable for its uniform coloring, appearing almost entirely forest green; there are relatively few hairy pistils winding their way through these coiled leaves and only a light dusting of trichomes.
When properly cured, flowers of Irish Cream smell both fruity and sweet, with some light floral notes. On closer inspection, there’s also a dank, funky odor lurking underneath — perhaps unsurprising considering that parent strain Mighty Irish Hope has some Skunk in its lineage. Meanwhile, breaking or grinding up these dense buds yields some nutty aromas. When burnt in a joint or a pipe, Irish Cream gives off a smooth, pleasant smoke that carries nutty and coffee flavors on the exhale.
Irish Cream offers a creeper of a high, sometimes taking several minutes after users have savored its unique aroma to reveal its effects. Eventually, users may feel a weightiness that starts in the eyelids and then spreads down slowly through the neck. Muscular tension may evaporate and deep breathing may happen more easily. In addition to a relaxed body, smokers typically also feel a relaxation in their thoughts — this strain’s vibes can eliminate the stress and aggravation of a long day of running the rat race.

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