Low Rider strain
Low Rider strain

Low Rider Strain

Low Rider Strain The child of G13 and Skunk #1, Low Rider is another strong Indica-dominant strain in G13’s legendary canon. Its large, dense nugs give it major bag and grow appeal. If you mess with the bull, you will fall off and get the horns. This strain has decently strong couch lock effects. Although it’s on the more affordable side, it still kicks nice and heavy. Thanks to it’s heavy coated nugs you will experience a nice head high where the back of your neck tingles and your forehead feels nice and warm. The nose is pungent and skunky.

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Lowryder is a hybrid strain that was inbred for nine generations by Joint Doctor Seeds to give it a dwarfed size. Growing no more than 16 inches tall Lowryder Autoflower Origins
Lowryder marijuana is a feminized plant that is Indica dominant (80% Indica and 20% Sativa)
Quick One is one of the fastest auto-growing strains on the planet. The plant is based on the original auto flowering strain – Lowryder. This strain was created from a cross between William’s Wonder x Northern Lights x Ruderalis. These plants are usually ready for harvest in 8 weeks from germination

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