Plug and Play cartridge
Plug and Play cartridge

Plug and Play cartridge

Plug and Play cartridge cartridges are for DNA which stands for Daytime, Nighttime and Anytime. DNA plugs are carefully crafted with original strain terpenes for their reputable taste and recognized effects. All Daytime plugs are infused with SATIVA dominant strains, Nighttime with INDICA dominant strains, and Anytime with HYBRID strains. EXOTICS are deliciously infused with natural flavors which give them their fun and fresh taste. Each flavor is carefully hand-crafted and goes through numerous testing assessments to ensure an overall balance in quality, taste and potency. All EXOTICS plugs are hybrids and can be enjoyed ANYTIME – ANYWHERE!

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Plug and Play cartridges have top of the line cannabis oil that is lab tested and proven to be clean. buy vape cartridges in bulk
The technology behind this vape battery and pod system allows the THC oil to reach its full potential.
You’ll see that many online reviews will agree with our good ranking but let’s take a look at the details first.
This vape pen battery size is not as compact as others, but that’s because it can hold more power. Battery size is more than double the size of its competitor Stiiizy (210 mAh) at 500 mAh. dab pen cartridge
The Plug and Play cartridge is charged by a micro usb cable and you will have it fully charged in less than an hour.
buy vape cartridges in bulk
This brand produces some of the best tasting distillate oil. The Plug and Play cartridge is similar to a CCELL cartridge but provides a bit more of a kick. The Plug Play cartridge is simple to use and doesn’t have any temperature setting. The pod will magnetically snap itself onto the battery. This brand only has barely under 5,000 followers on their Instagram. The best dab pen cartridge
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Plug and Play cartridges system from Plug and Play uses ceramic to adequately vape its THC oil content. This pods can also be refilled with distillate oil. I successfully refilled a pod with PURE distillate oil. After trying to refill it for a second time, the hits were not as good.
Those looking for a dab pen cartridge won’t need one anymore after finding this pods. It’s more convenient to carry around a pod than it is a mod with an atomizer and wax. The whole point of a dab is to achieve an intense high and Plug Play delivers that with ease.

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