Purple Urkle strain
Purple Urkle strain

Purple Urkle Strain

The Purple Urkle Strain Purple Urkle is one of the most popular Indica hybrids there is. This strain also delivers a powerful body high that will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, happy, and sleepy.

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Purple Urkle is a true white whale among cannabis strains. Being one of the most popular Indica varieties around, its origins still remain unknown. What we DO know about Purple Urkle’s genetics is that it originated in the Emerald Triangle region of California, whose breeders are known for being tight-lipped about their strains’ lineage.
The Purple Urkle cannabis strain fits in the “moderately potent” category with its THC levels between 18% and 21%. However, this hybrid is not your average indica strain, and contrary to the modest numbers, it can hit you pretty hard.
That’s because Purple Urkle contains as little as 0.35% of CBD. Since CBD counters the mind-altering effects of THC, the latter actually faces no roadblocks to show its potency.
That being said, we suggest that you use Purple Urkle in moderation if you’re new to cannabis. But even if you know your greens root and branch, you might be surprised by the powerful body high the strain produces.
People using Purple Urkle often choose this indica-dominant hybrid to find tranquility and fight pain — and that’s exactly what they get after smoking or vaping its buds.
Initially, the Purple Urkle strain brings up a full-body melt, which makes it a great flower to medicate with after a long and stressful workday. These effects are followed by a mildly euphoric mood with possible giggle outbursts.

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