T Justice OG strain
T Justice OG strain

T Justice OG Strain

T Justice OG Strain Noah T Justice was a prolific b-boy dancer and this is his personally selected cut of OG Kush. Not to be confused with the actual strained Silverback, this OG phenotype was selected because the blinding refleciton of the trichomes covering the finished flowers resembled the backside of a male lowland-gorilla.

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Like the origins of its name, the genetic history of OG Kush is to this day unclear. Tradition holds that OG Kush is a hybrid strain created from Hindu Kush, an indica, and Chemdawg, a sativa, but others claim it to be just a distinctive variety of Chemdawg
Superman OG is an indica cannabis strain that bares a pungent skunky and diesel scent with a pine-like flavor. Its buds are popcorn-shaped, large, fluffy, and a deep olive in color. Superman OG is the product of crossing the hybrid Tahoe OG Kush and indica Bubba Kush.

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